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Savvy Touch

Rocket Fuel

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ROCKET FUEL by name and by nature.

  • Ideal for anyone that is looking for support for sinuses.
  • For head & chest respiratory health
  • Allergy support
  • A 100% natural product
  • Incredible for athletes looking for added performance  to support the respiratory system during exercise using a 100% natural product
  • Has to be tried to be believed #3drops #3seconds #breathe

Completely unique to Savvy Touch. Respiratory support with as little as 3 drops. 

Available in 3 convenient sizes Take the 50 & 100 ml where ever you go. Tuck them in your pocket or backpack. With the super convenient "dropper" no mess, no hassle.

Pre & post training. Breathe Better perform better. Breathe better recover faster

Have Rocket Fuel on hand for any unseen situations that may set off breathing issues.

Keep your respiratory system healthy while flying.

Take the bigger sizes in your luggage, so always have your Rocket Fuel supply


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Rocket Fuel - Savvy Touch

Rocket Fuel