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Savvy Touch

Cooling Gel

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Making the best even better.
Taking Cooling Gel to a whole new level we have added in Peppermint, Menthol & Magnesium to aid in increasing natural relief from muscle & nerve pain.
A must have for aching, tired, swollen strained / sprained joints, muscles.
Athlete's use pre & post training & competition to keep joints feeling "new"
Massage therapists apply post session.
Cooling Gel may aid in reducing inflammation   
Cooling Gel is  naturally based formula combining the best native ingredients from New Zealand & around the world all designed to work in synergy. 
Amazing relief for sunburn, bites & stings
It is T.L.C. in a bottle
Cooling Gel - Savvy Touch This awesome product may aid in cooling & soothing stiff muscles & joints   Fast, deep & long acting. Now with added Magnesium   Amazing relief in cooling sunburn, bites & stings

Cooling Gel