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by SavvyTouch Admin •

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Rocket Fuel Just How Good Is It? A comparison with Hustle Drops

Rocket Fuel became our No1 selling product from the first day we launched it. It continues as our "Flag Ship" today  Why?       Put simply because "it" works. Rocket Fuel "instantly" dilates the entire respiratory system in the head & chest 100% Natural in a base of over 50% of New Zealand's best active Manuka Honey it is a synergistic blend of essential oils, all proven over decades & some cases hundreds of years for their therapeutic, anti viral, anti bacterial benefits. And now several of the ingredients have been tested individually specifically towards the benefits towards sports, these tests have now proven this in particular Peppermint oil.  One of our catch cry's towards athletes is "Breathe Better Perform, Breathe Better Recover Faster"  An absolutely vital ingredient in Rocket Fuel, but just ONE of the essential properties   Below is a comparison of another product recently put into the USA market Hustle Drops. I think it clearly shows the incredible value that Rocket Fuel is    #3drops #3secs #breathe #support #nzmade #100natural