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Savvy Touch products are gaining a massive reputation for their quality results.
Especially in the athletics arena/s/
Favourites for weekend warriors through to sporting elite are:

Our World-Famous Rocket Fuel, The incredible Cooling Gel & The luxurious Glide+ Balm

Rocket Fuel

Its 100% Natural. In a "base" of New Zealand's certified organic Active Manuka Honey with essential oils all designed & known for their support for upper & lower respiratory tract health.
As little as 3 drops can support the entire respiratory system during athletic performance. 

The super convenient 50ml & 100ml can be carried in gym bags “bum bags” backpacks, saddle bags. So,running the trails, smashing the tracks, mountain bike trails its with ya!

Cooling Gel

Is a naturally based formula using the best native ingredients from New Zealand & around the world.
Including Aloe Vera, Arnica, Kawa kawa, lemon Grass & Lime, Manuka oils,Vitamin E.
All designed to work in synergy.
Cooling Gel may aid in calming & soothing stiff, muscles, joints & tendons! Now with added Magnesium that may aid in reducing cramp in tired muscles.
"Making the Best Better"

This 100% natural balm is a must have for all sports people.Especially: Ocean swimmers, runners, rowers, Tri athletes. (it won't damage wetsuits, race suits, clothing) Chiros, massage therapists absolutely love it! Like all our products its super concentrated so a little goes a long way

 "individual results may vary from person to person"