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One of the awesome “features” of the entire Savvy Touch range is, it is absolutely “tough” enough for the most intense environments. Yet be gentle enough for babies to use & love.

Favorites for the family are...

Skin Smoothie  - 3N1 Body WashHand & Heel Balm
Glide+ - Mango Butter Sunshade  


Skin Smoothie

It's not what’s in it, its what’s not!

Absolutely packed with herbs & essential oils all known & designed to aid in natural healing.

A luxurious feeling full body cream. It won't just moisturise, it hydrates. Your skin will "drink it"

"OMG my skin cream cost me a fortune & did nothing, Skin Smoothie has changed my skin in literally a week, I can't thank you enough for such amazing products”  "Jane C" 

"my elbows, knees & face used to be super dry & flaky. In less than a month my skin is the best it's been since I can remember. I now use Skin Smoothie as my shaving balm too. Amazing" "Peter R

 Glide +

As a “barrier” balm it protects and aids in natural healing of all sensitive areas.

Can safely be applied to all sensitive areas. Also ideal for “dribble rash” 

Babies adore the super soft feel of the product & the smell of the Aniseed oil. With Coconut, Arnica & Vitamin E to nourish the skin

A must have if you suffer from chafing  

 3N1 Body Wash

NO Soap, Parabens & Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. In a base of Aloe Vera, with Sage, Burdock,Lemongrass & Lime oils. With Marine Collagen, Vitamin E & Apricot Kernel extract to condition the skin & hair.

A must have for children (no more tears) 3N1 Body Wash is suitable for all hair types. Especially those with sensitive or damaged skin 

 "Our family absolutely love the 3N1, it smells like "summer", feels amazing on our skin. The kids love it "no more tears" My husband is a really heavy sweater when he works out, other products used to dry his skin & hair out! Now his hair feels & looks the best it has in years with a really healthy shine.& his skin also feels amazing. We all also love the Skin Smoothie! Thanks for such great products!" Tara T

Mango Butter Sunshade

Best question..."Is this a sunscreen with a moisturiser or a moisturising sunscreen!" K.Simms

 Stripped of all nasty chemicals.Our unique sunscreen is in a base of Mango Butter with Calendula & Active Manuka Honey to aid in natural healing of the skin while protecting it. We use Zinc Oxide as the block with an emulsifier, so it is absorbed into the skin clear. No white mess! with an SPF30 it is Ideal to protect the whole family. Kids especially love it, doesn't smell or feel like a "sunblock".

 "Hi Savvy Touch I just want to tell you your Mango Butter Sun shade is the best! The whole family just love the feeling and smell of it and the kids want to put it on! We are just back from a holiday in the sun and everybody's skin looks and feels incredible". E. Jones Auckland" 

Hand & Heel Balm

Dry cracked hands and heels? Hand & Heel Balm is for you.

In a Beeswax base means you don't need to re-apply every time you wash your hands.

It is packed with high Vitamin A oils, such as Manuka, Tamanu, Cod Liver. It also has Biotin & Zinc. Great to aid in the natural repair of the nails. Less is best it is super concentrated.

Here's what our latest Happy Hand & Heel customer had to say

"Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my Hand & Heel Balm. Driving stock trucks for a living my hands get dry & very cracked, ( canyons!) with all the manure etc that comes with the job. Since using the balm, my hands & heels are as smooth & soft as a baby's bum!


If you have specific issues & are wondering if these may be the product/s for you. Please "message" us or e mail on

Remember we back our range with a 100% Money Back Guarantee