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Rocket Fuel our NO.1 seller


3 sizes of Rocket Fuel 50ml 100ml with Droppers 250ml refill


Completely unique to Savvy Touch

Its 100% Natural New Zealand Made!
As little as 3 drops will support clear airways in the head and chest.
In a "base" of New Zealand's certified organic Active Manuka Honey.

Packed with essential oils all designed & known for their support for respiratory tract health.

3 Sizes. The super convenient 50ml & 100ml both with droppers & the refill 250ml size.
You can even take the 50ml & 100ml size in your carry-on Luggage when travelling in a plane!

A must have for ills, chills & allergens.
Supports respiratory system during exercise.

Check this out!

Rocket Fuel by name and by nature.

Ideal for anyone that is looking for support for sinuses and head and chest respiratory health with a natural product.
Incredible for athletes looking for support of the respiratory system during exercise using a 100% natural product.


100% Natural support for clear airways in the head & chest with as little as 3 drops! Snorer? Check the video below.